Women suffer from arthritis

As you probably know from arthritis can suffer even children, and both genders are affected with this disease. Furthermore, arthritis statistics pretty clearly show that women suffer from arthritis more often than men. It really sounds unfair, but we probably cannot fight the rules of the nature, so the best decision is to fi t how to cope with it.

How arthritis affects women life

There is not a wonder if you are living in pain, then almost all areas of life become impacted, and you are not able to manage activities you could before. Unfortunately, for women this means limited daily activities, limitations in work choice and if pains are very strong it can even lead to the decision not to have children.

Arthritis statistics

Arthritis statistics show that only one-third of people suffering from arthritis are men, so it clearly points out the tendency of arthritis prevalence specially in women who have a risk to suffer from arthritis is much higher. If talking in more general facts, then arthritis has become a part of their life for 28% men all around the world and at the same time for women this figure is 37%.

Unfortunately, there even are some types of arthritis that affects women more often than men, one from such an example is osteoarthritis as men are suffering from this particular arthritis much less frequently than women. The prevalence of rheumatoid arthritis also is higher in women than in men.

How to relief joint pain and arthritis for women

There is plenty of arthritis, and joint pain treatment methods developed as it really is a very common disease over the world. Scientists have developed effective medicine if not to treat completely arthritis, then at least to relief pain. If you are suffering from arthritis, you should know that treatment plan doesn’t include only taking some pills it must be a complex of activities how you would try to help your body become stronger. Of course, taking pain relief supplements will help you to manage your daily activities, still you should also follow a diet, and if you feel good also think of adding some exercises to your daily routine. Those don’t have to be hours in the gym, even walks could improve your health and joint health.