What causes arthritis

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What causes arthritis? This question is bothering millions of people around the world. Unfortunately, these numbers have a tendency to increase and the prognoses are that, for example, in the United States by 2030 will increase for 40%. These statistic data seem unbelievable as already there are millions people different ages living with arthritis.

If there is a chance that we could save us from this disease, we should all what depends from us not to change our life into tortures. Of course, you cannot influence all factors that can cause arthritis, but if there are at least some of them, we can influence, we cannot simply stay and wait what will happen!

The information collected from different sources reveals that the most common are six causes of arthritis:

  • Genetic factors – we get a lot of wonderful things from our parents, unfortunately, we can get some diseases from them as well and arthritis definitely is one of them. Still please keep in mind that there are not complete proves about that how big is the impact of parents in the developing of this disease in their children;
  • Factor of ages – with ages our bones and also joints become weaker and that often can result in development of arthritis;
  • Overweight – with excess weight load for your bones and joints becomes much bigger and also can result in joint pains;
  • Injuries – specially in the area of joints can be a reason of arthritis;
  • Infections – of areas close to joints might cause arthritis;
  • Specific types of occupations – where is a big load, for example, for sports people, ballerinas.

Of course, these are just some of the main and obvious causes of arthritis, in the coming posts we will discuss this topic in more details.

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