Thoughts about arthritis

My first thought about arthritis is that it is cruel. Why there are millions of people around the world suffering from arthritis? Even children do have it! Already from the childhood they are doomed to this disease. From all my heart, I do not think that children should suffer from arthritis.

To be honest, previously I even didn’t know that arthritis isn’t a disease just of elder people. Six years ago I started to interest about this disease in more detail as it became a part of my life. As I always like to collect as much information as possible, I searched in forums, in arthritis organizations’ official websites.

Confused from the information about arthritis?

I really was. There is plenty of information about arthritis available at the Internet. If I would have to start the way with arthritis from the very beginning I probably would not give so big trust to the online sources. Much better is to rely on your physician advice.

The main reason why I’m saying that is because there are so many uneducated people about arthritis who still are giving other suggestions. I think it is completely irresponsible. If you are not a doctor how can you suggest to a stranger how he should treat his disease!?

Of course, I appreciate that people share their real experience that could help, at least for getting an overview about this disease. However, in any case, please be cautious!

I have read how someone shares information about miracle pills, someone suggested changing diet or even going to Hévíz lake in Hungary as methods how to treat arthritis. Would you trust such advice?

Experience of others

ProvailenProbably, the saddest thing for me was reading about people who have lived with arthritis already for tens of years. That is right, almost the whole their life. There were also unpleasant stories when advises of doctors were have not been taken into account and with the intention, people decided to live in very strong pain. Of course, I also do not want even to think about knee replacement, but if things would become really serious and painful, then I should do whatever it take away improve my health.

As I mentioned, I often wonder how does it come that so many people are suffering from arthritis. Even kids do get it. When I read questions of teenagers in different forums asking is it possible that at their age, they do have arthritis, I become very disappointed as it is so possible that they really have arthritis, and they should visit a physician as soon as possible to start treating it.