Reactive arthritis

Reactive arthritis  or also called Reiter’s Syndrome is a joint inflammation, which occurs after previous infection. As the most common cause of Reactive arthritis is known Chlamydia trachomatis, other infection that can cause this type of arthritis is Ureaplasma urealyticum. [Source]


Reactive arthritis symptoms

The main reactive arthritis symptoms are joint pain, swelling and redness. Reiter’s syndrome combines urethritis or cervicitis (women) arthritis and eye damage – conjunctivitis, characterized by red eyes and a sense of deterioration. These complications can be caused by damage of the immune defense mechanisms, or also heredity. These symptoms may last for several years after infection, even if it is cured.

Reactive arthritis symptoms appear 1-3 weeks after urethritis or diarrhea. General symptoms are pretty hard to notice, body temperature is normal or only slightly elevated and no chills. However, in some cases, the onset of arthritis may be acute, with severe toxic symptoms – fever, drop in weight and severe weakness. Sometimes it is difficult to determine whether reactive arthritis developed after dysentery or venereal disease. Urethritis episode before the arthritis may proceed easily or no symptoms. Conversely, in patients with dysentery caused by reactive arthritis 1-2 weeks after diarrhea often develop sterile urethritis.

Disease at the beginning is dominated by joint stiffness, and myalgia. Most often asymmetrically affected knee, ankle and foot joints. Typical case, only a few inflamed joints, sometimes only the palm affected joint. Inflammation usually is not very pronounced and is mainly confined to the joint pain, stiffness and limited movement in joints instead of striking swelling. Only the knee tends to swell dramatically, if the result of increased inflammation in the synovial fluid and disease in early stages can deliver popliteal cysts rupture and detachment.

Reactive arthritis treatment

The main goal of reactive arthritis treatment is to find the cause of infection, which in the result caused this type of arthritis. Reactive arthritis or Reiter’s syndrome treatment is not based on antibiotics, because it is a chronic disease.

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