Joint pain causes

What are main joint pain causes?

Pain in shouldersBefore getting to causes of joint pain, we should clearly understand what is joint! In simple words joint is the place where combine two or more bones. To avoid that bones are grated along one another, all the joints have cartilage around them. Bones are interconnected with rigid and elastic tissue sites, called the muscle ligaments. Muscles work in opposing pairs to be folded and straighten joints. While the muscles are not technically part of the joint, they are important because they help to protect joints.

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What is joint pain?

The most common joint pain are joint swelling and stiffness or a feeling of warmth in the joints. If there was no injury to the joints, pain in one or more joints can be caused by inflammation or infection. If you suffer from chronic joint pain or pain that appears shortly after the virus infection you definitely should visit a doctor.

What is the cause of joint pain?

Joint pain can be caused by various injuries or conditions:

  • Bone fractures;
  • Infections (which is usually caused by bacteria or viruses);
  • Autoimmune disease (where the body is attacking himself, because the immune system detects a part of the body of the alien);
  • General wear and tear of joints.

One of the most common causes of joint pain is osteoarthritis. It is formed when the cartilage wears away and the bones rub one another, thereby causing joint pain and stiffness. This disease of the joints and complaints of arm and leg pain is usually characterized by people who are older than 50 years, and is frequently found in individuals with osteoarthritis were born in the family.

Joint pain may be due to vascular necrosis – a condition that can occur when a bone is not normally perfused, as a result of joint is deformed or injured.

Joint pain may be exacerbated if it is limited to painful joints waggle. Avoidance of moving from painful joints and muscles can weaken and even more difficulty in joint movement capability.