Where to buy Provailen? Is it shipped to your country?

It has been already some time since Provailen was developed, which, as you know, is a completely natural arthritis and joint pain relief supplement. It already has gained quite a big popularity among people who have to live with arthritis day by day.

  • The USA – There is no wonder that the USA is the first country where the most people have revealed these pills as a huge relief for their daily activities. Besides, Provailen is produced in the USA in Texas. The statistics’ data shows that prevalence of arthritis in the USA is the highest in the world as there are around 50 million of people suffering from different types of arthritis in the USA, those are around 22% of all adults, besides there are also 0.3 million of children having some type of arthritis.
  • Canada – those are around 4.6 millions of Canadians or approximately 13% of all population of Canada, who live with symptoms and pain of arthritis. Arthritis is the leading cause of limited function and long- term disability in Canada.
  • Australia – Then the next comes Australia, no matter that it’s far enough people have admitted Provailen as good enough to order it even from the different continent as it can only be bought  from the official distributor of Provailen. No matter, that prevalence of arthritis in Australia is smaller than in the USA, there still are more than 3.1 million of people living with different types of arthritis, which is around 15.2% of the population of this country. As in the most countries in Australia women also suffer from arthritis more often than men. Unfortunately, arthritis is the cause of the different kind of activity restrictions, which in some cases leads to disability.
  • Singapore – After helping to people in the mentioned countries Provailen also gradually gets attention in Singapore and South Africa, as you probably know, arthritis prevalence is so huge that it would be hard to find any country without people who suffer from this disease. The prevalence of arthritis in Singapore is smaller than in countries mentioned before, those are around 10.1% of Singapore’s residents in age from 18 to 69 being diagnosed arthritis. This number grows in the group of older people, as in the age from 60 to 69, the prevalence of arthritis is already 19.8%.
  • South Africa – In South Africa, arthritis has become the most common disease, which leads people to disability. The prevalence of this disease in South Africa is around 14.3% those are approximately 1.5 million of people living with a different kind of pains caused by arthritis in this country.
  • India – The prevalence of arthritis in India is a little higher than in South Africa, but when we take a look at the number of 15% of India’s population who has arthritis then it looks quite scary as those are more than 180 million of people who suffer from arthritis symptoms in India.
  • Philippines– There are around 11 million of people living in Philippines, who suffer from arthritis, those are around 12% of the population of this country. In the group of people older than 65 years this percentage grows up to 50%.
  • EU countries – Unfortunately, we do not have good news for those patients diagnosed arthritis that lives in EU countries as due to different restrictions, Provailen cannot be shipped to these countries. We really hope that in coming time some rules will change so that people would be able to relief their pain no matter in which country they live in.

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