How does arthritis feel like?

If you already live with arthritis for years, then this question could seem stupid, still if you are only on the way of possibility that you will have to deal with it for the rest of your life, then it could sound pretty reasonable thing to find out!

This will not be some on a research-based article neither very deep in medical terms as the author of this article is 30 years-old woman who is a little confused about that what is happening in her body and only thing that she is willing to find out is it really arthritis that is taking her body part after part!

From where did it all begin?

Few years ago, she started to feel something unpleasant about her right arm. As she was spending a lot time at the computer then all blame was put exactly on it. There were, of course, medical tests ran, but nothing showed up any real results. The nerves of a wrist were checked also she went to sonography of her right arm, but still nothing.

If you go to doctors, run tests and nothing shows up what do you think at the end of that? Probably, that you really are not sick at all and that everything is fine with you. And that all those unpleasant feelings you probably have simply imagined.

But if those unpleasant feelings like pain doesn’t stop?

You can start to get used the pain and simply live with them, in fact, that was what the author of this article did. However, that definitely isn’t the right example to follow as after these three years feelings with her hand have gotten only worse. Could this be the reason to visit doctors again and remind that you still do have pain when you put a little more effort on your right hand? This definitely could be that case!

Do you think that this is it?


That was just a beginning. After she has lived with these middle pain in her right arm for around three last years the next thing comes up! She did have some pain when she walked and turn her right leg a little too much on the right side. At the beginning, the idea was that those probably are inappropriate shoes that make her feel such a way.

However, after she tried to change one shoes to another pain did not disappear, even more they become stronger day by day. No matter that she already was skeptical about all those doctors and tests, she followed the advice of relatives and went to the doctor.

After visiting a doctor she had to go to the sonography of her right ankle. As always, she was ready to hear that nothing really is wrong with her leg so that she could keep on living with this pain and simple take them as a part of her further life.

Nevertheless, this wasn’t the case. Doctor was surprised and even a little confused as he found some inflammation in the area of her ankle and even more the part of her leg with the highest pain level had some liquid appeared in it. No matter, that this wasn’t the end diagnosis the doctor said that she would have a long and unpleasant treatment process. One of his presumptions included that she also did have a podagra in her big toe.

What comes next?


There will come up many different tests as the final diagnosis wasn’t given yet. However, the most unpleasant feeling that has the author of this article is that this is arthritis, which is taking her body part by part. No matter that those three years ago doctors weren’t able to find the real cause of the pain, now there is a big possibility that many joints of this pretty young woman are hurt.

She is only 30 years old, but she feels so tired, because of all those unpleasant feelings, joint pain, tenderness, stiffness and also stiffness that motivation to do any activity is decreased to the zero. It shouldn’t be like that you feel like you are 60, if you are only 30. You also should be able to get a fan and joy from the life and not only pain and bad mood.

Somehow this isn’t right at all, because the prevalence of arthritis in the world is huge. Those are millions of people living with arthritis. They somehow learn how to live with it, part of them even needs a replacement surgery to be able to live further and some of them simply live in pain for the rest of their lives.


The exact type of arthritis isn’t diagnosed yet to the author, but the thing what we can learn from her is that you cannot give up if you do not feel healthy, no matter are those your joints or any other part of your body. The health is the most valuable thing that we do have, so please protect it as much you can and if there shows up any signs of something that you do not understand, but at the same time you do feel that something isn’t right at all go to the doctor and try to find the answers!

The life shouldn’t end at year of 30, in fact, it only should start at that age. If you also do suffer from arthritis you are welcome to share your experience with our readers in the section of comments!