Arthritis diet

There are a lot of different methods how you can help your body to live with arthritis and following special arthritis diet is one options you can take advantage of.

Basics of arthritis diet are pretty simple you have to eat healthy, which includes consuming a lot of fruits, and vegetables, limitation the amount of fats and increasing your daily water consumption. These are very simple tips that would help anyone to lose weight and later also to maintain it.

However, as you should think more about the strength of your joints let us emphasize some of the food that could help you with this task.

Vegetables and fruits

Antioxidants that are in fruits, and vegetables protect the body’s cells from free radical effects. A has antioxidant properties, vitamins C and E, beta carotene, selenium, zinc and manganese. Vitamin E is necessary for blood circulation, muscle development and operation, and the heart muscle for oxygen, maintaining healthy skin and immune system.

Very good sources of antioxidants are carrots, tomatoes, citrus fruits, blueberries, cranberries, cherries, grapes, bananas, apples, spinach, lettuce, all kinds of cabbage, onions and garlic. If you find hard to make a deeper research about antioxidants, you might find a useful tip that many antioxidants are in all those fruits and vegetables that are colorful.

There are studies that prove the positive effect for people suffering from arthritis taking fruits and vegetables, for your knowledge, they are capable even to help in preventing arthritis.


Not only, arthritis patients should include fish in their diet as fish contains about 20% protein, 14-28% fat, minerals and vitamins. Fish livers are particularly rich in vitamin A and vitamin D  where these vitamins and fish oil is derived.

Fish’s meat is full of calcium, phosphorus and iron, and sea fish rich in iodine. You can expect to reduce unpleasant arthritis symptoms if having fish in your meal at least once a week. There are studies that have shown very good results for arthritis patients who were taking fish oil as well as the inflammation was reduced.

Dietary supplements

There are people that are very skeptical about all dietary supplements as they do not believe they can really help them. However, nowadays there are so effective dietary supplements developed that they even are capable of replacing some of the prescription pills.

Of course, we suggest you to choose natural dietary supplements as they would not cause you side effects. Some of the ingredients you might search in such as supplements that could help you in dealing with arthritis symptoms are Capsaicin, Triterpenes, Tongkat Ali and Organic Germanium.